Are You Standing In Your Way?

Are You Standing In Your Way?


Wow!  Our first blog space.  Let us introduce ourselves.

My name is Lynlie (Linlee) Bacon, 56 years old (almost).

My husband’s name is Eddie Bacon, 70 years old, retired from owning his own auto glass business.  He has always been an entrepreneur.

In keeping with that spirit, we have decided to start the process of bringing me home from my job and are newcomers to the internet affiliate marketing side of business.

Eddie and I are best friends, partners in life, love, and business.

We are the proud parents of four children between us and prouder grandparents of five grandchildren.

Our interests are a wide range of activities that include outdoor sports, fishing, gardening, and dancing in the kitchen as we cook together.

I am still working a full-time job with a good bit of overtime, so the spare time that we have to enjoy our hobbies is greatly inhibited by the need for me to continue working.

In future posts we will be sharing with you our progress as we build our dreams.


Are you your own obstacle?


There are so many obstacles that prevent people from living the life that they desire.  Such as a full-time job, or maybe even family and friends that mean well when offering advice about your life.  It could also be health issues that prevent you from working as hard as you would like.


Whatever the reason for not moving forward with your dream life, the one obstacle that should never stand in your way, is you.


There is a song by Charlie Pride titled “Standing in my way.” He is standing in his own way of reaching his desired outcome.

In the song, he sings of being the wall between what he is reaching for and the fingers on his hands.  Then goes on to say that he says no when he means yes.

Saying yes could possibly put one in a situation of the unknown.  And saying no usually keeps us from moving forward because of fear or doubt.

Confidence is another obstacle that prevents us from moving forward.  The comfort level of a current situation isn’t as frightening as moving on to a new career or moving to another city or state.

As exciting as it may be we allow doubt to creep in and hold us back.

There are times when you should take a break from the hectic events of the day and consider where you would like to see yourself in the days, months, and years ahead.

If your current situation isn’t leading you to the place where you imagine being, then you need to find a way to step aside and figure out what it will take to get you there.

I for one, do not invite change.  I accept it gracefully but have not been one to seek it out.  My comfort level is knowing my surroundings and the people in my life.


Get out of your comfort zone


Starting this blog was difficult for me. I love to write poetry and then only share it with family. It’s nerve wracking putting myself out there. I think “what do I have to say that could possibly want to be heard by anyone else?”. “What is it I could possibly offer to help someone else move forward when I’m happy right where I am?”

Or am I? Am I happy going between work and home?  Am I happy sleeping between working hours?

The answer is…NO!  I do love my life, I have never been happier with my husband, or knowing that I have the security of a job.

But there is so much more that Eddie and I would like to do together.

So here I am, stepping out of my way and writing a blog.  Our children think I have good things to say.  They don’t always listen, but they do hear me. Lol

I want to thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We are looking forward to moving on to bigger and better things, as well as freeing up time to enjoy our family and friends.

Leave a comment below and let us know where you see yourself next week or next month, and if you are content with that image.  I am no advice guru but sometimes a new friend will offer more encouragement than an old one.  I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Are You Standing In Your Way?”

  1. Dear Eddie & Lynlie,

    Thank you very much for this nice introduction !
    Now I know who I’m dealing with 🙂
    What a beautiful story, I can tell how you guys are connected.
    I’m very excited (and impatient !) to see your online business grow.
    If you give it as much care & attention as you give each other, I have no doubt that it will thrive.

    Best of luck on your online (and offline) journey.

    Alan Clayton

    1. Dear Alan,
      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.
      Eddie and I enjoy communicating with you on Facebook.
      I have to agree with you, with the risk of sounding like I’m boasting, that we do have a beautiful story.
      I have never experienced before, the love and support that we give to each other.
      I am thankful every day that we live life together.
      This affiliate marketing journey that we just embarked upon will be so much easier knowing we have the support of a quality coaching team and friends such as yourself.

      Eddie and Lynlie

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