How a Water Plant compares to Affiliate Marketing

How a Water Plant compares to Affiliate Marketing

Hello Readers,

Today I will tell you a bit about where I am employed.

I work at a potable water plant.

I was thinking the other day how it compares to affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is how I plan to retire earlier than I thought I could.


The workings of a water plant


First, we start with our source water which is pumped into the raw well.

From the raw well the water is pumped into the floc basin of the treatment plant.

Before it gets to the floc basin it is treated with the chemicals that the state requires.

The water then is stirred to allow these chemicals to create floc, which are small particles that combine together to create larger particles that will settle out.

Then the water enters the filters where those larger particles are caught and not allowed through for the rest of the process.

From the filters the water is again treated with the necessary chemicals before it enters the clearwell.

And from the clearwell the water is then pumped out into the system where it is consumed.

How you ask does that relate to affiliate marketing?


Let’s start with the source water…

I am the source of information on how to begin your own business.

You are the raw water, not yet having any information at this time.

Then I become the required chemicals by giving you bits of knowledge.

You are now the water in the floc basin, taking in all the information I have given you.

From taking in all the information you are given; you will filter through the information I have provided and when you are ready, I will give you more knowledge.

With this knowledge you are now the clearwell ready to go out and quench the thirst of other folks that are looking to become fellow affiliate marketers.


In conclusion


The source water is trafficked to the raw well where it is then captured.

From there, the source water is followed up with state required chemicals.

And finally, the water is offered to the public for consumption.


Direct traffic, capture prospect information, follow up with your prospect, and make an offer.

These are the four non-negotiables one must do every day to grow their business.

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