One Moment Can Change Your Life

One Moment Can Change Your Life


Well, it’s afternoon here so I will say good afternoon readers.

Today’s post isn’t what I was expecting to write about but since this blog revolves around my thoughts and business, I’ve changed up.

At this moment I am sitting at our mountain cabin and the day is gorgeous.

First day it hasn’t rained in six days.

Not that we don’t need the rain, everything in its own time.

But sitting here with mountains on all sides, sun shining bright, the temperature is perfect, I can’t help but stop and reflect at where I am in life.

I have a job that is steady and supporting our family.

I am married to my best friend.

We have three grown children well on their way to independence.

So that leaves an empty nest.Where to go from here?


As the days pass, you realize there is more to life than you have time for when a full-time job is needed.

Being free to sit in the mountains and talk to you is where I would like to be.

And that is where I am today. In the mountains, talking to you.

Affiliate marketing is going to give my husband and I the time and freedom we desire.

We are going through a learning curve at the moment, and it is a little slow for us due to technology.

The thought of being able to retire early is our push to keep moving forward.

Our mentors are amazing and always available. Any question we have is answered so there is no good reason to feel like you are on your own and floundering.

There is hope for a future and hope for independence.


There are many offers in life to invest in.


Do you know what the greatest investment is? You.

Invest in you, invest in your future and in your freedom.

In next week’s post I’ll be back on track with my original idea….

How a Water Plant is Similar to Affiliate Marketing.

You’d be surprised how the comparison stacks up.


Moments to remember…


There isn’t a time in your life that shouldn’t be enjoyable or memorable.

For me, my most enjoyable moments have been spent in the mountains.

Surrounded by nature and folks that I love.

But even the difficult times can be remembered and enjoyed.

Just the other day my car battery died leaving me sit in a hospital parking lot.

Nerve wracking to say the least as I was about to bring my husband home from a 4 day stay.

Memorable because a security guard came to my rescue, and we had a nice conversation while my battery was charging.

Now this moment didn’t change either one of us.

But in our conversation, we realized the choices we made put us where we needed to be.


The best is yet to come…


My car just wouldn’t charge.

He asked me to name the first song that came to my mind.

I drew a blank… Then out of my mouth comes “Amazing Grace”

He found it the song, said it’s four minutes long, we’ll try to start your car when it’s finished.

The song ended and the car started right up.

You never know what moments in life will have an impact on you or someone else.

One event or one chance encounter could change your life and put you on a new path.

Or it could just confirm that the path you’re on is the right one.


In Conclusion…


If you have had one moment in your life that changed your course, please share in comments below.

If you are waiting for that moment still, then click here. Opportunities are just around the corner.

Whether you’re in the mountains or a hospital parking lot.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

I’ll see you next week, when I’m a little more confident in technology and in myself that I can bring something important to the table.








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