Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Make it YOU

Something Old, Something New,

Something Borrowed, Make it YOU


Welcome to my thoughts this week.



Everything is new…kittens, puppies, peeps.

The flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, the grass is growing.

The days are getting longer and the sun on your face is feeling better and better.

The beautiful songs of the spring birds and the arrival of the robins and hummingbirds.

The male wild turkey can be heard gobbling throughout the forest to attract their mate.

The spotted fawns are being born and will soon be seen frolicking in fresh churned pastures.


Then what happens?


Spring fever, spring cleaning, the work of preparing the garden for a bountiful summer harvest.

Plant those potatoes that will multiply in leaps and bounds.

Rose bushes are sprouting new red shoots that promise the gorgeous flowers to admire and cut for a bouquet for your Momma.

Setting up a string line for the snow peas that will grow higher than the sunflowers they like to intertwine with.

Gardening has become an everyday task of weeding and harvesting and canning.

Dig those potatoes.

Enjoy washing the car that you’ve neglected all winter.

Mow the grass that is growing faster than you have time for.

Where in all of these wonderful moments did you find time to go to work?


Time for a change


For me, going to a full-time job is getting monotonous.

It cuts into the time that I enjoy spending in the yard and tending to the gardens.

How wonderful would it be to let go of the old routine of going to work?

To be able to play with the kids and not feel so tired?

But the old is security.

The old is familiar.

The old right now is pretty hard to leave behind.

This is where you search for something new.

If only I had the time

If only I had the money

What if I had the confidence to change my situation?


If only…

If only…


If only…

The Comfort Zone


There is a zone we humans call comfort.

We don’t like to leave that zone for very long if at all.

But what if…

What if I just look for something new…

What if I just message this person…

What if I open this email…

What if I click that link…

What if I invest in myself instead of a job…

What if I put myself in charge of my life…

Oh wow…what if I make it

Can I dare to dream that I could be in charge of my own fate…

My own finances…

My own time…

This, folks, can happen just by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Your job is old

Your future is new

Borrow the strength from friends and family or a total stranger

Make it a life for you.




In my previous blog, I wrote that I would post updates on our progress with affiliate marketing.

Being new to affiliate marketing ourselves we have been hit with offers that are too good to be true.

Then we found a program we trusted, one we connected with.

Eddie and I have jumped in with both feet.

We are still in the learning process.

We are studying, absorbing and building.

Our mentors are there when we need them. Encouraging and teaching us the next steps to take.

Every step of the way their guidance is working.

We are taking control of our future and making it our own.

If you are struggling with a decision or a process and in need of encouragement, let us know.

Leave a comment below. I would like to know if you are happy with where you are in your life or if you are staying in your comfort zone out of…well…comfort.

It’s your future, make it yours.

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